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Welcome to Agrimax International, L.L.C.

We are an international fruit and perishable commodities broker based in Seattle, WA, who strives to provide the best possible fruit and perishable commodities to our customers across the world.

Our primary markets include Taiwan, Hong Kong, Shanghai, and many locations in South East Asia, including Singapore, Jakarta, Surabaya, and Port Kelang. We are currently expanding our markets into India, Australia, Mexico, and Central America. We have experience in Europe, with a focus on cherries to the United Kingdom. We can provide products by either sea or air, assuring that you receive the best possible product.

We are well known within the international fruit industry as a major provider of Chilean Cherries to the major Asian and English markets. We have a strong relationship with many American cherry producers allowing us to meet your demand for large volumes of California, Oregon, Washington, and British Columbian cherries. Our products are not just limited to cherries however, as we are one of the leading exporters of Chilean Fuji apples to the North Asian markets.

Our knowledgeable sales staff is willing to learn about you and your market, because we know that by understanding you, we can better provide products that will demand the best prices in your market.

So please, stop, take a look around, and if you have a question, please contact us, just check the contact page for phone numbers and email addresses.


Thank you,


Agrimax International, L.L.C.